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FILAMENTS for 3d printing

NEWMATT produces filaments for 3d printing  through fused deposition modeling (FDM), which are entirely made of recycled nylon 6 (“r-nylon”), or blends with r-nylon matrix.


Our filaments employ nylon 6 recovered from post-consumer waste, such as, e.g., waste fishing nets abandoned in the sea, carpet waste, and rigid fabric waste, together with pre-consumer waste (waste of overproduction).

NEWMATT filaments exhibit high strength, marked flexibility and great durability, and come in a large variety of colors  and very competitive prices.


All NEWMATT materials are designed and tested through advanced scientific research developed at the University of Salerno and partner research institutions (see  PRODUCTS/SERVICES and PATENTS/PUBLICATIONS).

Pick your filament from the list below and send us your order, we will be pleased to assist you with any information you might need and technical support. We will ship our materials to your address worldwide.

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